Reincarnation Jeep Grand Cherokee

We make our customers again ulitsa in your car. And now we will gradually show how we are the reincarnation of the Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK2) in TYRANNOS. I also want to note that the full kit is adapted to the Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK2). For lovers of a bit transform your car we are always in the presence of the hood, and spoilers.

The installation process

The first stage
And so, perhaps start with taking the car. Of course, few people come to us clean, since most come to us from the road, from other cities. After the car is washed, we always do a small photo-report washed the car, but rather (as the paintwork, factory clearances and the factory color difference of the body and the plastic) so that in the future there were no complaints. In General, so we take the car.
The second stage
At this stage we set the details of our production without fit. All items are green, so we did a bit of experimenting with the material) is the green's (matrix) gelcoat, it is less capricious to temperature than others. By and large, to describe here is nothing special) details very quickly and easily installed on a car, the hands of intelligent masters. Small adjustment is still needed, still it is fiberglass. Even on steep ultimate factories, all supercars are made of carbon fiber are brought entirely by hand.
The third stage
At this stage we will show the necessary process of adjusting parts of our production for the Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK2). Since during Assembly the white Cherokee we were too fascinated by the process, we did not have time to shoot the material on fitting of our items. But on one of the following projects still found time for a little photo report. Gaps with the body is almost perfect, but we are a bit applied. Basically, there are small differences in the joints of the arches of the bumpers and sills. After fitting jobs that we have take 3-4 hours for the whole bodykit, it is clearly seen that everything has its place and can safely go on the paint job.
Fourth stag
Details propisyvayutsya coarse abrasive for defects, then the shrinkage risks under the ground, and then we unchanged to my favorite PPG to the ground. Repeatedly convinced of the reliability of that ground, tried several times to go into different types of soils, and German and Japanese. But always returned to the pet PPG.  Always try to work the soil in the tone of the body, for this brand is PPG koliousis the ground, which can be given any tone. But then he's not needed, as the tone of the primer matches the tone of the car body. Now about the exhaust system. Of course the exhaust system, or rather its rear part, too, has undergone changes) as the cover plate under the bumper and the holes for the exhaust are not small. Rear factory banks had been removed, and instead, was installed a custom nozzle in the style of the BORLA ATTAK. At low revs the car appeared nice bassy sound that disappears on the track.
The fifth stage
This is another important process, the final process of the installation kit for Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK2). One of the concerns many the question " what are the rapids?" The thresholds are attached at the bottom and on the sides of the factory seat, as well as the upper mount on this car too intricate (who was shooting, he will understand), we used a great alternative and made in the body of the new seat mounts for the top of the threshold. Or rather riveted blind rivet with thread to secure the threshold quite aesthetically bolts under the sprocket, which optionally can be otkrasit in body color, so as not conspicuous. Themselves blind under the thread and the tool for riveting in the photo, very useful tool! I believe that such a tool should be in every respect your work service! The thresholds also were mounted diodes performing the function of polite illumination. Expanding as always, we glued on the polyurethane sealant, carefully abazieva the body and details before the procedure. For a version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, you do not need extra mounts for the bumpers, but for the normal version must be purchased: Front lockers are from the SRT version 2pcs Duster rear bumper 1pcs Mount the front bumper from the SRT version 1pcs DRL+tomance from SRT version 2pcs As originally BodiKit was on the SRT version...
The sixth stage
And as always, the most enjoyable part is to contemplate and get pleasure from the fact that we are creating. BodiKit of our production for the Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK2) customized, painted and installed! White color good in the sense that it shows all the gaps clearly. And with them in Our work, a full order)! As with all other works associated with the preparation, painting and installing fiberglass parts of any size and complexity.The sixth stage