Porsche 911 992 Turbo S (VIRUS 992)

New Carbon Wide Body Kit  V I R U S  992 ®  for Porsche 911 Turbo/Turbo S. 

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Restrained and at the same time ready to show aggression, V I R U S 992 is a new unique look for the Porsche 911. 


What will our life be like without colors and emotions… 

What will happen if we are all exactly the same… 

Perhaps we will lose interest in life… 

Individuality should manifest itself in everything - V I R U S 992 is your personality.


New Porsche 911 Turbo S 992 V I R U S kit parts:

- Front bumper
- Front bumper splitter
- Aerodynamic splitter elements
- Aerodynamic front bumper elements
- Rear bumper
- Rear bumper diffuser 
- Aerodynamic rear bumper elements
- Exhaust tips
- Hood/ Bonnet
- Decorative hood inserts
- Front fenders
- Decorative front fender inserts
- Rear wheel arch/ side skirt extensions
- Side skirt splitters
- Aerodynamic side skirt elements
- Rear double wing Track Version


V I R U S 992 - These are 30 brand new high quality carbon fiber elements that will change the character of your Porsche 911.


The exclusive version of the bodykit for Porsche 911 992 VIRUS made of carbon fiber, is made in accordance with parameters close to aviation technologies, has a high coefficient of strength, with a temperature regime above 120° and a weight lower than the original parts.

The Cost of various combination options is specified individually.


Best Regards, Team LLC SCL Global Concept ®.


Full kit from 38.850 USD Select the set

Video of model: 

Kit components: