Second life Range Rover Sport

This time we gave new life to the Range Rover Sport. The car itself is in good condition (owner care) but the paintwork is poor. Still passed fire, water and copper pipes. And what Range Rover did not pass. In General, our task is to bring all of this in order! Not just to pick open the chips and give the car more or less fresh, and almost cure all ailments and make the car Shine again.

The installation process

The first stage
Almost all the places of the body in contact with the plastic parts have undergone minor corrosion, a lot of chips on the doors, hood, bumpers and even the roof...the car will be carried out only painting, no "Styling" and any other modifications, with the exception of the color of the roof in black. For us certainly not in the habit, but those are the wishes of the customer...
The second stage
The next step after Stripping and processing weak spots composition for galvanizing exterior — Primer...  We use a certain range of soils PPG with the possibility of tinting, that is attached to the native soil tone colors. Advantages of tinting of ground: If chips are evident, the preparatory material of a different tone; Reducing the amount of paint to cover the primer stains; Eradicated the risk of the color of the soil after painting;
The third stage
Materials — we only work with quality products and reliable colorist, because this is important. Not hunting several times to make strips, and certainly to repaint anything.The car is painted in 3 stages, first the roof in gloss black, and then the openings at the rear, and after all other parts of the body (iron) Plastic parts are painted separately. Though painted almost the whole car, color came one to one! And so, all body parts and plastic ukrashena, and for Assembly and light polishing.
The fourth stage
The most enjoyable part is the pictures desktop archive. Work accomplished: — Identifying and addressing corrosion body — The restoration of all plastic — Painting All the black plastic elements in black Mat — Painting of door handles, duct and grille in the original color (graphite grey) — Painting the roof in gloss black — Painting the whole vehicle in a factory color — Easy polishing of all bodywork, headlights and lamps The result on the face) Auto 2007 is looking very fresh!