Opel Insignia Hatchback 5D

We present to your attention a new project with the participation of the Opel Insignia Hatchback 5D. Unaffected this car will be the bonnet and arches everything else will slowly acquire a new look.

The installation process

The first stage
First in line were the rapids was made the basic shape, then the threshold acquired its final form, and turned with a reverse side that he will be very quick and easy to fasten. Next will be the spoiler on the upper and lower part of the trunk lid.
The second stage
Next small parts such as the spoilers on the top and bottom of the lid and eyelashes on the headlights and taillights. From the bottom spoilers just kicks, very good came out. And the top as there was. By the way, soon these items will be ready for orders.
The third stage
At this stage, we went to work on the front bumper for Opel Insignia Hatchback 5D. With this bumper I had to work a bit harder at the idea was, in comparison with the previous works. The bumper will be attached like factory, more than that, at some point the gaps will be better than factory. If you have the necessary tool at hand, in total, be removed and put the front bumper in about 10 min.
The fourth stage
The project with the Opel Insignia Hatchback 5D is nearing completion. Now we will tell You about working on the rear bumper. It will be solid. no lining, fangs, etc. In the bumper will be embedded in the nozzle silencers from the Lexus GS. As the photos show little change lower spoiler trunk lid, he now had a pointed center. In General the project works there's not much left and soon show you it in all its glory.
The fifth stage
The project with the Opel Insignia Hatchback 5D is almost at the finish line. In General, everything is almost ready) all the parts except the rear bumper painted, some of them already installed. As you can see from the photos, the front bumper and sills 2x colored, and the rear bumper will also be split. To play of course had a separation of color, so the border was not palpable, but all is done. Just need to spend a little bit more time and patience. The rear bumper is already prepared for painting and waiting in the wings.
The sixth stage
Now the same story on the rear bumper. Was used a little trick with the use of Farblos. Farblos is a composition, which regard the dried paint with fresh, mainly used for transitions, as in our case, for color separation, so as not to be grinded dried paint for coupling with the varnish. In the photo the bumper without varnish, so that in all its glory will show you where already on the car. By the way it is already assembled and waiting for the hour of the meeting with the owner.
The seventh stage
Project Opel Insignia Hatchback 5D is ready. Immediately make a few clarifications about the design and about the color. Will show you a simple example, but rather a photo of the car when she came to us and was still with the factory bumpers. And the photo is perfectly clear that the paint is exactly as different as our items, and even more! Design...the Comparison always was, is and will be, now almost every third grade than, and similar to what some other car of another brand. You in this project and see a Mercedes and the old and the new Mazda 6 and Lexus.