LEXUS SC430 NEW Project

There was another daredevil, the drastic alteration of his car. A new project is a LEXUS SC430, well, we as always will turn to put some points on the reincarnation of the car. And to begin with the first part that is ready is the spoiler on the glass.

The installation process

The first stage
The first stage of the transformation, LEXUS SC430 , we started with the first part that is ready is the spoiler on the glass. Also for many cars is the eternal problem is the spacers, the desired departure razboltovka. But everything is already in place and looks very even nothing. Thresholds are already almost gained ultimate form, in the future will still be a couple of nuances. Yes, and how attached they will later show. Now turn to the extension of the body, it will be very interesting and fundamentally change the side of the car.
The second stage
At this stage we moved on to the extension, and it can make thresholds.To work with him will have quite a few, but will be beautiful and worth it. Also ordered the FRP sheets, as some of the details of the project will be laminated, and it has already come, moreover, already made some experiments, but we will show later. Create form extensions of the body is almost ready, after we split rear and front extension with the thresholds, we remove the matrix. Also, almost finished the first part for this project, the laminated angle of the fiber. The spoiler on the glass will be ready.
The third stage
Almost ready plastic hood, it weighs a little more than the factory aluminum, but strength is not inferior, and even stronger. And the factory hood was safe and new plastic, on which you can experiment as you please. All fasteners are repeated, the hood is the factory pushrods, clipped to his native castle, well, a big plus — not afraid of dents unlike iron or aluminum counterpart.
The fourth stage
Plastic expansion body is almost ready, it will not graduatesa in the body, so that the owner in which case, could remove all this beauty without any difficulties. Work has started on rear bumper and has already drawn nice lines.
The fifth stage
The rear bumper is almost ready, but I'll show it to you later. This time the topic will be on the front bumper. Its basic form is almost ready, after small improvements will remove the matrix. We think that many, who said that the LEXUS SC430 is not a successful model, since our transformation will change your mind. The makings of it are just awesome and will be very good styling.
The sixth stage
Here are already seen primed parts installed on the car. Not installed only the rear grille, hood and stylish details.
The seventh stage
At this stage, we altered the exhaust. Back cans not at will, the catalysts were removed and the middle part either. In General it seemed like a furious roar, but the exhaust sound was just magical. Such a nice, sweet exhaust, I have not heard. Telling can be long, better 1 time to hear.
The eighth stage
Just finished polishing the Lexus SC430. I'll tell you honestly, to observe the finished project and photograph it for work files — this is the most pleasant completion of a project. In these moments, when all the work in front of you ready, you realize that not in vain spent so much time and effort. In General, we love our work.