Infiniti QX70 (Individual processing)

SCL Performance creates a new style that changes the character of the car literally comes alive. We have more than 14 years, creating projects that attract attention of motorists.Approaching the work of their innovative design vision, it's like we Wake up the sleeping beast in your car. Therefore, we would like to share about some of the updates of the set of our production of the RENEGADE for the Infiniti QX70.

The installation process

The fifth stage
Thanks to the wishes of the customer from Kazakhstan we created the hood with a new design and redid the rear bumper with the exhaust in the center! Jack is the name of the car owner, is currently engaged in numerous modifications of your iron friend, as well as the ability to share improvements of the car in the logbook Infiniti QX70 RENEGADE PetrovDesign. While You can see a couple of sketches, and a fresh bonnet. It is available to order - price: 49 000 rubles (For drive discount!)
The second stage
In the continuation of individual improvement for the owner of the Infiniti QX70 from Kazakhstan. The rear bumper has been redesigned for the exhaust in the center and was made head of the exhaust in the style of a Lamborghini! At the moment there is the final Assembly of cars. In the near future to Jack promised to show us the result of his improvements, which many look forward to...)