Hood for infiniti FX (1st generation)

How would it not seem strange, but we have received an order for the design of the hood for Infiniti FX (1st generation)/ fortunately, we do drive on the Infiniti FX first generation Infiniti FX Bull, and from time to time will try on his hood, after each stage of creation.

The installation process

The first stage
The hood arrived in a slightly damaged condition, so we began our work, only after the master restored it. The hood slowly began to gain muscle, now radically changing his plane and forms for adding new lines. At first glance, it seemed small, but now I understand that it is not small. Very soon will show you a more understandable form, and they already spend too much time in my head.
The second stage
Work on creating a new hood for the first generation Infiniti FX is in full swing. Slowly pumped the flowing shape of the factory hood, and will soon show you the finished layout! Meantime, will share recent photos, and a little creative clutter bonnet.
The third stage
Currently, almost all design ideas are embodied, and the bonnet is prepared for painting works. We had already put the hood on the car, so that the bonding happened without violating geometries and, in principle, in order to understand the overall picture of embodied ideas. As planned, the hood does not seem alien, but on the contrary, makes FX more daring and brutal... not to mention the view from the salon. Also knocked about a bit on business while polymerisation adhesive... drivers on the road with eyes wide open turned.
The fourth stage
The hood for Infiniti FX35/45 (1st generation) is almost ready for primer, and after primer, you will see all the beauty of new forms and lines. We do have great fun creating a hood for the first generation, to be honest, the second-generation FX will be jealous/ And yet show you how we struggle with symmetry and geometry.
The fifth stage
Photo primed the hood, already had a fitting on the car and as you can see, was made of the pads on the wings for a small but very important changes to the shape of the hood. Many initially think that this revision was made in vain, but we will prove otherwise! How many owners of Infiniti FX35/45(1st generation) you know, this body has the nickname of "Shoe", and this is not casual. He actually reminds handicap of Shoe, if you look at it in profile... And more blame the hood (its contiguity to the wings). Here we have changed the form, making a small hump and moving away from these flat lines, raising the bonnet at the sides, without overlap on the wings then of course not do. We are currently working on a matrix hood and will soon be able to offer all owners of the first body FX is a new, plastic hood of our production!
The sixth stage
And so, the hood for Infiniti FX35/45(1st generation) is almost ready, still some improvements and it will be available to order. About the extras included with the hood, I will tell a little later, but will show you the installation process on my car... the Infiniti FX Bull. Also in the subject will add information about the planned revision of the trunk lid) will soon begin the manufacture of spoilers for Infiniti FX35/45(1st generation).
The seventh stage
There are very few, now we produce the insert in the hood (underneath) and one tested the hood on the car. The hood turned out light, car is very cool and harmonious look.