Wheels for project Mercedes-Benz R-Class "WOLF"

We've always been thinking of making custom wheels some day, but there were no customers who would trust us in terms of wheel design. But the R-Class WOLF project opened up our possibilities, and after a quick decision, we reached out to the guys at wheelsboutique with the request of making custom wheels by our own design, to which they replied, "No problem, but for a final answer we need a sketch."

After a few days of design development, we provided the first pencil sketch in our style. And then, in cooperation with ShahinProject, we provided a disk rendering for the full picture of the desired style.

Then of course the work of engineers to develop 3D models of forged wheels R21 with +3cm, so we wouldn't have to put spacers on in order to make the wheels as wide as the widened arches. After agreeing some details, the project was approved by us and the guys from ForgedPro started to make the project come true.

All development stages took about four weeks, taking into account the individual project. After the rims came from the production to the guys in the office, I got the first photo and relaxed. The result was achieved 100%! The rims themselves are polished forging with laquer, versatile, same width but with varying depth of the design... the Rear wheels, of course, have a deeper pattern.

Size: 10,0J/21H2? Bolts 5/112 (standard Mercedes).