Mercedes-Benz R-Class WOLF [Armavir - St. Petersburg - Sochi]

A little story about the journey of our project Mercedes-Benz R-Class WOLF. 
Unintentionally the completion date of the project was the same date when the Royal Auto Show in St. Petersburg (Russia) was planned.

Despite the fact that we have never seen the owner of the car personally, and discussed everything relating the completion of the car remotely, he still trusted us his fresh project, we prepared ourselves and the car  very quickly and went to St. Petersburg.

Also for the period of the exhibition we managed to find some very cool videographers from Perm for shooting a video which we planned a long time ago already.

A special thanks to the organizer of the Royal Auto Show, Ishkhan, for the opportunity to take our exhibition car at night time for video filming! 
Evil-Empire, you guys do a great job organizing such events. We wish you good luck in all further Car events and meetings!

He also had the desire to make a good photo session in the vast beautiful city of St. Petersburg, but we couldn't find mutual understanding with a good local photographer. 
The guys from Inside Production, thank you very much for coming to St. Petersburg and for spending some crazy days with us in non-stop mode.

At the following link you can see lots of amazing works these guys made:

We will show you a small teaser (the material that the guys took at the exhibition, and did the amateur processing). By the way, you can find it also on the page of our updated business account "SCL Global Concept" on Drive2. And how dare we not to say Hello to our show neighbors, AMGAR and FatTonyStudio! These guys presented their two beautiful projects at the exhibition. 

At the end of the exhibition, we had to finally give the car to the owner and had a long road from St. Petersburg to Sochi. But on arrival in Sochi, we did not immediately give the project to his owner ... First we drove to the"Detailing Service Sochi (DSS)" to prepare the car after a long journey.

Thank you guys for the efficiency and quality of your work!