Jeep SRT8 Tyrannos by PRO

Does everybody know the Tyrannos body kit for the Jeep?
We have already installed this kit several times.
Another project left our studio last week, which I want to show you today in the photos of Pavel Korotky.
The new models of Jeeps finally apply a line that allows you to round off the exterior details and the interior has a much nicer look now, with the use of new materials in the interior, looks now more or less natural and turns out quite cozy and informative.
The green light disappeared and a variety of colored signs took its place; Tetris finally became colored.
What I'm talking about is that for the first time in the history of Grand Cherokees a body kit can be applied, without pretentiousness, strict, moderately evil, aggressive and interesting, such as the Tyrannos. He's right in front of you on the pictures right now.
At the time of its development I wanted to buy a new SRT and thereby promote the beauty to the people, but ... bought a second first generation SRT, though recently sold it and the one I drive now is going to be sold too as the new car is releasing soon.
Therefore I leave experiments with the transformation of the SRT to our customers, watching the process of creating an exterior tuning of the exterior of these cars.
The quality of these parts, if we exclude advertising slogans like "better than OEM" or "you can even install it yourself". But to be honest everything is in a worth condition. Right now we have a Panamera in our garage with a body kit which is ... well, we have to saw the bumper to make it fit. Our kit doesn't need such sacrifices of time, money and health of the person who installs the kit.
Everything requires over 2 weeks: fitting, preparation, painting, assembly and installation of a few extra parts which people want to have on their cars. That said two days are not enough for that, let's be realistic. Installing this body kit is just one side, but there are a lot of nuances which increase the costs and the necessary time. Therefore it is better to specify everything when contacting us.