Hood/Bonnet for Lexus NX 300H

The first fiberglass hood from SCL Performance for Lexus NX 300H Phoenix has already visited the service center AMGAR in Moscow.

The hood is installed on the OEM installation places, needs a minimum of preparation and fitting works and as much as I know it's already painted and ready for installation.
By the way, on Drive2 you can choose the Phoenix as the car of the day... Let's support him and give him a vote! I think he's a worth candidate!

The hood is available for orders, please contact us through the contact form on our website or by email at info@scl-p.com

The hood is made of high quality fiberglass, resists temperatures from -40 to +120 degrees celsius, withstands hits of certain character which metal and aluminum hoods can't and of course it's no subject to corrosion and withstands hail!