Cadillac Escalade V Tuning Bodykit (MIRIADA)

Elite (Carbon Wide Body) for Cadillac Escalade - Escalade M I R I A D A from the Design Center LLC SCL Global Concept ®.

Escalade  M I R I A D A  - Excellence in everything ©.

An incalculable number of moments and twinkles of Myriad stars were embodied in the brutal Escalade project M I R I A D A.

This is what all owners and fans of the Cadillac Escalade expected, an excellent restyling that emphasizes the powerful shapes and design lines of the world's largest SUV.

Become the first owner of the most beautiful and powerful Escalade M I R I A D A ©.


The Cadillac Escalade V (MIRIADA) body kit from SCL-GLOBAL-Concept contains more than 30 New elements that perfectly complement the body shapes of the fifth generation.

New parts of the Cadillac Escalade V (MIRIADA) kit:


- Big front bumper splitter
- Diffuser
- Exhaust tips
- Brake light or reflector
- Hood
- Hood trim (blade)
- Radiator grille
- Wheel arch extensions
- Side skirt splitters
- Top spoiler
- Mid spoiler


Tuning (body kit) MIRIADA can be purchased both from ultra-high-temperature Fiberglass, and in an exclusive Carbon Fiber with a unique pattern (Carbon Twill 2/2, Carbon Twill 4/4, Carbon FORGED, Stealth Carbon Fiber)

Parts made of ultra-high-temperature Fiberglass (fiberglass) have the weight of the original part, 2-3 mm thick according to standards, with a temperature regime up to 120 ° and extreme strength.

The exclusive version of the body kit for Cadillac Escalade V (MIRIADA) made of carbon fiber (Carbon), made in accordance with parameters close to aviation technology, has a high coefficient of strength, with a temperature regime above 120 ° and a weight below the original parts (Cadillac Escalade V)

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