About the company

Everything began with the fact that I looked back on the parties, and without having seen the car of the dream, decided to design him. (Ferdinand Porsche).

We study 13 years the most fascinating direction in the automobile sphere, to "styling". It the conquering world of creative art capable is more expressive, brighter, more prestigious to make your car …

It is the world in which new opportunities open: fascinating shows, exhibitions and competitions, hot beauties in pass in body art sauce ;) and a respect chasm.

As told Marlene Dietrich, the car - a favourite toy of adult men therefore SCL Performance task - is "more prestigious" to make your toy.

Range of services

  • design ( exterior, interior, wheels);
  • Simulation;
  • Manufacturing body kit for cars of a premium class;
  • Setting produced body-kit;
  • a Detailing of the body;
  • Paint job.


Interpretation of our brand the SCL Performance:

Style (Style) of Company SCL Performance gives your car the style of modern times.
Character (Character) Emphasizing distinctive feature hidden.
Life (Life), As said by Victor Frankenstein "it's alive"... the Main concept of the company SCL Performance, to revive the monster in your car...
Performance (Performance), the Performance of fine art in the automotive field styling.