The hood on the Lexus NX GreyWolf

The hood, already plastic, you can order, and its price is 39 000 rubles.The cover is made of high quality fiberglass, withstands temperatures from -40 to +120 degrees, resistant up a certain character who will not take his compatriots from the factory of aluminium and iron.

About company

All started with the fact that I looked around, not seeing the car of his dreams, decided to build it myself. (Ferdinand Porsche).

We have 13 years to learn the most exciting direction in the automotive field, "styling". It's an exciting world of creative art that can make your car more expressive, brighter, more prestigious...

This is a world in which new opportunities: exciting shows, exhibitions and competitions, hot Babes in mini sauce body art ;) and deep reverence.

As said by Marlene Dietrich, the car - a favorite toy adult men, so the task SCL Performance - make your toy "more prestigious".